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Creating a Plugin for Discourse

Discourse Meta If you want to contribute to Discourse there is the awesome Discourse Meta Community to help you. So in order to avoid starting without any tipps and hints, just create a new post on Discourse Meta and describe your project and ask for hints.

Example Plugin There are already plugins existing for Discourse. For example we used the dropbox-plugin to understand the structure of a plugin and how it is built. The best way to start is to learn how to install plugins first. There is a great tutorial on that on Discourse Meta as well. You might try that first.

Setting up Github In order to create your own plugin, you will need to create your own folder inside the discourse/plugins folder and give it a good name. To keep track of your own progress there you can navigate (in the Terminal) into your plugin folder and initialize it as a new github repository with git init and push it to a new github repository. This is also good to share your current code with others. If you want,…

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